Meet the friendly staff at our school as seen through the eyes of our talented children! If you’d like to see what we really look like... roll over the pictures with your mouse.

Mrs Dickinson
by Freya

Mr Paine
by Sophie

Miss Corns
by Sophie

Mrs Hall
by Olivia

Mrs Lloyd
by Sophie

Mrs Galloway
by Ethan

Mrs Zegan
by Hannah

Miss McKenzie-Ward
by Noah

Miss Da Costa
by Melanie

Miss Leaver
by Eli

Mrs Glanville
by Michael

Mrs Walsh
by Yeabsera

Mrs Westley
by Lizzie

Mrs Fielding
by Weronika

Mrs Slammon
by Simran

Miss Shah
by Ryan

Ms Sall
by Ellis

Mr Morris
by Anya

Mr Barnett
by Aviaana

Mrs Bell-Dennis
by Isobel

Mrs Stringfellow
by Lizzy

Miss Lowe
by Tyla

Mrs Yamen

Mrs Brady
by Sophie

Mrs O'Conner
by Sophie
Mrs Maragh
by Bino

Mrs Brownhill
by Weronika

Mrs Butler
by Nsia
Mr Milligan
by Fossy and Layjuan

Mrs Wright
by Nina

Ms Missa
by Nina

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibilities
Mrs C Dickinson Headteacher, Catholic Life, Assessment, Safeguarding
Mr M Paine Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion, SENCO, RE, Safeguarding
Miss P Corns Upper KS2 Phase Leader, Teacher Y6, Mathematics
Mrs S Hall Lower KS2 Phase Leader, Teacher Y5, English
Mrs G Lloyd EYFS Phase Leader, Teacher Reception, English
Mrs S Galloway Teacher Y4, Computing
Mrs K  Zegan Teacher Y3, Science
Miss M McKenzie-Ward Teacher Y2
Miss D Da Costa Teacher Y1
Miss R Leaver Teacher Reception
Mrs A Glanville Teacher Nursery
Mrs C Walsh Target Teacher EYFS and KS1, RE Team
Mrs L Westley HLTA Upper KS2
Mrs S Fielding Teaching Assistant Lower KS2
Miss A Richards Teaching Assistant Nursery
Miss S Shah Teaching Assistant KS1/Nursery
Mrs M Slammon Teaching Assistant KS1
Ms P Sall School Based Social Worker, Therapeutic Child Counsellor
Mr V Morris Senior Health Mentor, Physical Education
Mr D Barnett Health Mentor, Physical Education
Mrs J Bell-Dennis Breakfast Club, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Stringfellow Breakfast Club
Miss J Lowe Office Manager, Finance, PA to Headteacher
Mrs S Yamen Administrative Assistant
Mrs P Brady Cook in Charge
Mrs H O'Conner Kitchen Assistant, Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs S Maragh Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Brownhill Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Butler Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr J Milligan Building Services Manager
Ms S Wright Cleaner
Ms J Missa Cleaner