If you are thinking of sending your child(ren) to The Oratory, don't forget to have a look at our School Tour page to find out more about our school.

Applying for a place in Nursery

Please go to the main office and ask for a Nursery Application Form and a copy of our Nursery Admissions Policy. Mrs Yaman, our Office Administrator, will explain how to complete the form.

Applying for a place in Reception

Starting school is an exciting and very special time for you and your child. You will have many questions. The links below provide additional information.

How To Apply

Go to the Birmingham Council School Admissions web page and complete the online application form.

You will need to:

  • List three primary or infant schools in order of preference.
  • Make sure you have read the admission arrangements for the schools you are interested in and know how likely it is that your child will be offered a place.
  • If you have chosen any schools that require you to complete a supplementary information form send that form directly to the school.
  • If you wish to apply to the Oratory please get a Supplementary Information Form from the main office and a hard copy of our Admissions Policy.

Applying for In-Year Admissions to The Oratory

An application can be made for a place for a child at any time outside the normal admission round, and the child will be admitted where there are places available:

Applying for a place at a Secondary School

To help with the process of applying for a secondary school place we hold occasional workshops to support parents and carers in how to complete the online form. Please just drop into any session of your choice found on our Diary page. Mrs Westley and Mrs Dickinson will deliver each workshop.

Top Tips

  1. Research all the schools that you and your child are interested in. You can find helpful information from a variety of sources, including school websites and the Parents' information booklet - Secondary schools available on the Birmingham Council School Admissions web pages.
  2. Attend the Secondary School Open Sessions where you and your child can visit and talk to teachers and existing pupils. These are a very good opportunity for you and your child to get the feel of the school.
  3. Consider the following questions: Do I want my child to go to a Catholic School? Have you entered your child for the 11+? Travelling distance? Do I already have another child at a secondary school? Is it the right school for my child?
  4. Most Faith schools require an additional information form which is called a Supplementary Information Form. This can be obtained from the secondary school or local authority. An online application form and a supplementary information form must both be completed for a place at a Faith secondary school. The supplementary information form must be sent directly to the Secondary School not the local authority.
  5. Apply online at the Birmingham Council Secondary School Applications web page. Remember to list six secondary schools in order of preference. When you have applied online you will receive email confirmation that you have submitted your application form. Please check this to make sure everything is correct.

Applying for a change of School (in-year)

The documents below provide additional information on applying for a change of school if your child is in Years 1 to 6.