David Lucas Author/Illustrator World Book Day 2018


On Tuesday a special author came to our school. His name was David Lucas. He showed us hoe to draw Grendle which is a character from his book. He also taught us how to draw our own Picture book character. Mine was called ‘The Iron Alien Wolf’.         Jason Maan

On the 27th of February David Lucas came to our school and showed us how to create picture books. He also showed us two of his books called ‘The Robot and The Bluebird’ and ‘Grendle’. My favourite story was Grendle because it teaches you not to be greedy and make the right choices. Das gave us a list of words and asked us to put some words together to make a character. My character was ‘The Gold Unicorn Princess Robot’. David drew a great picture of his character Halibut Jackson and he also taught how to draw his character Grendle. I thought it was hard at first but my drawing looked great at the end. Mai-An

On the 27th February David Lucas came to our school to talk to us about picture books. He taught us that picture books are 12 scenes long. First you have a problem and then it gets worse. It gets worse and worse until it’s at the pint of a crisis- a disaster! Then there is a twist and then the problem is solved and everyone feels better again.     Isobel

On Tuesday, an author/illustrator David Lucas came to our school. He showed us some of hos books and he told us how long it could take to write a book. Throughout the day we had a different classes. When we were with David he showed us the steps to make a good picture book. These steps were:

  • There’s a problem
  • The Problem gets worse
  • It gets even more worse
  • It gets horribly worse
  • Then something goes horribly wrong
  • There is a crisis
  • Then there is a twist
  • The problem is solved


I also learnt that when you are an author, you often write books on your own. You often have to run your own and business and Davis told us that it can be very hard running your own business.    Fossy

Throughout the day, David told about all the different books that he has created. He told us how long they tool to write/draw and when they were published. Some of his books included ‘Grendel, The Robot and The Bluebird and Halibut Jackson’. My favourite book was Grendle because he loved chocolate and because it was a similar story to Scrooge and I love that story. After a while we learnt how to create our own character and pour own picture book. I personally thought it was a fantastic day and I learnt such a lot about book writing.   Tori


Maths will be handed out on a Thursday and returned following Thursday.

  Complete your short division sheet. Remember to log on to Times Tables Rockstars. Remember to log on to  Matheletics

Spellings- Test will be every Thursday

Please use your ‘look, cover, write and check sheets to help you learn your spellings. Spring Test 3- Test on Thursday 1st February 2018 change changeable notice noticeable noticeably charge chargeable correspond accompany apparent

English homework will be handed out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Please complete The Sun comprehension. Remember to fill in your reciprocal reading sheet and use all your reciprocal skills.  

Reading Homework

Remember to read your home reading book. Please make sure you use your reading record to write down what you have read. You can change your book when you are ready or even if you need to change. Ask a teacher to help recommend books if you need some guidance. Mrs Hall will check your reading record
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Year 5 P.E

Year 5 P.E will take place on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has both their indoor and outdoor P.E. kit.

Many thanks

Mrs Hall and Mr Paine

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