Year 5 Sparkly Start-Part 2

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On Monday,we went to the Thinktank. We went to the Thinktank for our Sparkly start which is about Space. We learned about the constellations, about the Roman Gods and how they used constellations to make up Gods. We also learnt about the Planets. They had a lot of things from the Victorian times like olden day cars, olden day trains they also had a lot of photos of trains. They also had a lot of technology they had robots which were very funny and smart. They had Spitfire’s which are Planes that they used in the war. Finally, we were on the last floor which had the shop, there wasn’t much on the last floor so we wasn’t there for too long. It was really fun I enjoyed it.
by Fossy

On the 22nd of January, we went to the Think Tank. My favourite part was the planetarium because just looking up we learnt so much like the what order the planets go in. I learnt that 12 people have been on the moon and that Buzz Aldrin was the first man on the moon. There was a bus from the olden days and a train we got to go inside the train and we got to see where the train driver had to stand to drive.
by Tyla

On the 22nd of January, the whole class went to Thinktank. Our topic is about space so in Thinktank we went to the planetarium. The planetarium is like a movie theatre but you have to lean back and look up. The best part in the planetarium is where they took us to the country side. The stars looked really cool but the shooting stars looked even cooler. The cool part was that it was Mrs Halls first time at Think Tank.
by Dylan R

On the 22nd of January, year 5 went to Think Tank. First we went to Planetarium, it was very good we get to look up the ceiling. Then there were lots of pictures up there. It was all about the solo-system and the story of a rock who hit the girl’s car but she was going about to sell her car. Scientists paid her a lot of money to use her car for research. Also we saw some cool things in the museum. Finally we went to the gift shop to buy some things before we went home. It was so much fun.
by MongTing On Monday 22nd January, our class went to the Think Tank. We went on a mini bus. I went on the first group when are group got there we sat down on a chair and waited for the other group I sat down with Mong Ting and Jagoda. They took to long so we where a little late but we made it we went to a planetarium it was beautiful but a little scary because you didn’t know what was going to happen. After we went out of the room and went to a space themed room it was fun. Then we went to eat. After we ate, we went to look at olden time buses and cars and also trains. We had 4 levels to explore. Then we went to a shop every one dived in and started looking for slime and squishes. Then we had to go back to school and that where it ended.
by Weronika


Maths will be handed out on a Thursday and returned following Thursday.

  Complete your short division sheet. Remember to log on to Times Tables Rockstars. Remember to log on to  Matheletics

Spellings- Test will be every Thursday

Please use your ‘look, cover, write and check sheets to help you learn your spellings. Spring Test 3- Test on Thursday 1st February 2018 change changeable notice noticeable noticeably charge chargeable correspond accompany apparent

English homework will be handed out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Please complete The Sun comprehension. Remember to fill in your reciprocal reading sheet and use all your reciprocal skills.  

Reading Homework

Remember to read your home reading book. Please make sure you use your reading record to write down what you have read. You can change your book when you are ready or even if you need to change. Ask a teacher to help recommend books if you need some guidance. Mrs Hall will check your reading record
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Year 5 P.E

Year 5 P.E will take place on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has both their indoor and outdoor P.E. kit.

Many thanks

Mrs Hall and Mr Paine

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