Mr Butler -Astro-Photographer-Year 5

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Today Mr Butler came in.I felt amazed by the telescope.Mr Butler told us a lot about space.The most amazing thing about Mr Butler is everything he knows and the pictures he took by himself.He sits outside for ages when his friends are with him and takes a lot of pictures.              Shane

When I walked into the room, I was so amazed when I saw the Telescope . I found out that Mr Butler had the Telescope for five years .I also found out that Mr Butler sits outside for about three hours just to take three pictures. However,it is not just him.H sits outside with his friends . My favourite part was when Mr Butler showed us the pictures that he took with his friends . They were awesome !   Mai-An

Mr Butler came in and told us amazing facts about his hobby. We saw some amazing photos of Mars,Jupiter, the moon and Saturn. He amazed us with his telescope that shows you certain planets.He told Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. It was brilliant!!!    Syesha

Today,MrButler came in we talked about space .I was amazed when i saw the telescope in class.He said taking pictures of of space is his hobby.He told me that space never ends and it keeps on going.He showed us pictures of comets like Lovejoy or catalina. He said the sun will go out and will expand and crush the earth. My favourite part was when he said he stays outside for three hours at night to take pictures. It was awesome!         Benedict

Today Mr Butler came in and talked about space.I really enjoyed it because he had cool things  to show all of us.Mr Butler brought in a 20 cm telescope but the telescope is really big.What I enjoyed the most was when he bought in pictures that he took on his telescope .I really enjoyed Mr Butler talking to us about space.Mr Butler told us facts that I did not know . He told us that Neptune is really cold . The best thing Mr Butler told us was that space lasts forever. It was great!                                           Dylan B

Today Mr Butler came in and told us about what he does.Mr Butler is something called an astro-photographer and he goes outside late at night             and looks through his 20 cm telescope and looks for Planets. Mr Butler has written a few books but has not published one. Mr Butler has a few                telescopes,the one he brought in was his biggest one which costs 300 pounds. Mr Butler’s telescope is a smart telescope because you search                    for a Planet and the telescope would face the Planet on its own.               Fossy

Today Mr Butler came into our classroom to teach us about Space. He brang in a huge telescope in front of the class for us to look at . He used it to capture the Planets: Mars, Pluto and Saturn. He said that he had spent three hours to take the pictures of them! He also talked to us about all the different Planets and Stars in Space just like Comets, White Dwarfs and lots more. My favourite part was when Mr Butler shoedD us how it looks like in the telescope. It was great!!   Tori


Today Mr Butler came in to talk about space.I think this lesson went really well and the best thing I learned was that space is infinity.This lesson was really cool and I would love for Mr Butler to come again.He took some really cool photos like he took a photo of Mars and the moon.The telescope cost 300 pounds but the telescope stand cost 1000 pound so the whole thing cost 1300 pounds!        Dylan R


I really enjoyed Mr. Butler coming in because it was really exciting and he had a big telescope. I found it interesting when I found out that when a star explodes it can create oxygen and another gas. The pictures were really cool too. I also found out that the sun is 5x  hotter than a volcano . If you press a certain button the telescope points at a certain place in space.                      Isobel



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