Year 5 Cast Workshop 2017

On 27th September 2017,  Year 5 went to the Old Rep Theatre to practise their play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that they will be performing their on Thursday  November 2nd 2017. Here are some of the thoughts and comments the children made:

When we went to The Old Rep theatre I learnt that we could ‘cheat our feet’ to look more professional on stage. This means that you can move your feet and body to look like you are looking at the other actors but also the audience. I enjoyed getting to know the other schools that we will be working with . – Mai-An

When I went on stage I learnt not to go to the ‘actor magnet’. This is the back of the stage. We must always come to the front of the stage when performing otherwise nobody in the audience can hear you. The hardest thing was interacting with the other school as I didn’t know them.  It was soon fine though. -Maya

The teachers at the Rep taught me how to speak loudly and clearly. They told us this was called ‘landing your lines’. – Tyla

The Old Rep was so much fun. If you look in the slideshow you will see our top 5 tips. These will definitely help us with our performance.-Benedict

I loved the acting games we played. They were very silly and they made us laugh but also taught us how to act properly.

Top Tip number 1: Land your lines.

Top Tip number 2: Cheat your feet.

Top Tip Number 3: Avoid the actor magnet.

Top Tip number 4: The kiss or kill position

Top Tip number 5: Entrance and Exits.


Come and watch our show and see if you can spot our top tips in action. – Manveer



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Maths will be handed out on a Thursday and returned following Thursday.

  Complete your short division sheet. Remember to log on to Times Tables Rockstars. Remember to log on to  Matheletics

Spellings- Test will be every Thursday

Please use your ‘look, cover, write and check sheets to help you learn your spellings. Spring Test 3- Test on Thursday 1st February 2018 change changeable notice noticeable noticeably charge chargeable correspond accompany apparent

English homework will be handed out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Please complete The Sun comprehension. Remember to fill in your reciprocal reading sheet and use all your reciprocal skills.  

Reading Homework

Remember to read your home reading book. Please make sure you use your reading record to write down what you have read. You can change your book when you are ready or even if you need to change. Ask a teacher to help recommend books if you need some guidance. Mrs Hall will check your reading record
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Year 5 P.E

Year 5 P.E will take place on a Friday afternoon. Please make sure that your child has both their indoor and outdoor P.E. kit.

Many thanks

Mrs Hall and Mr Paine

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