Victorian Ladywood

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Today Mr Bartlam came into school to talk Year 5 about the Victorians. We talked through all that we had already found out about that period of history but then we focused on our local area. We found outs lots about Ladywood during the Victorian times. We even went on a field trip around our local area.


First Mr Bartlam showed us lots of pictures and sources from the Victorian times and then we had to retell him all we learnt by creating a short role-play. Mathiwos and Ryan were the narrators and they were fantastic!! They showed the whole class that they listened very carefully when Mr Bartlam was talking and they spoke very eloquently. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

In the afternoon we went on a walk around Ladywood. We used an aerial photograph of Ladywood like a map to locate the different places that we had discussed in the morning. It wasn’t as easy as you might think! Even Mr Bartlam got confused at one point. We identified several Victorian buildings by the red bricks that were used to make it.



Maths will be handed out on a Wednesday and returned the following Wednesday.

Complete your area and perimeter sheet.

Spellings- Test will be every Wednesday.

Please use your ‘look, cover, write and check sheets to learn your spellings. Summer Test 9- Test on Wednesday  28th June 2017

English homework handed out on a Wednesday to be returned the following Wednesday

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Easter Vigil Powerpoint

This is the PowerPoint you need for RE. The Sacred Triduum 2014


Yr 5 Exhibition of Learning

Year 5’s ‘Exhibition of Learning’ will take place on Wednesday 5th July 2017 at between 1.15pm and 2.15pm at  Spring Hill Library.

Please join us for a fantastic afternoon where your children will wow you with all their knowledge of the Victorians.

Year 5 Exhibition of Learning at Spring Hill Library

Monday 15th May. Children will walk around their local area and identify Victorian buildings and sites from the past. This field trip will be led by Mr Bartlam.

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