Nursery Visit Wonderland

Tishany: “The story was funny.”

Eliab: “Little Pig, Little Pig let me come in.

Hannah: “We saw a witch in the sweetie house.”

Brielle: ” Everything in the house looks funny.”

Lee-Rhiane: “I can see the Big Bad Wolf.”

Essay: ” Humpty Dumpty was a egg and he cracked.”

Harvey: “We saw an elf from a story.”

Ninnette: “We saw the Three Bears and they were waving.”

Today as part of our REAL project on traditional tales Nursery and Reception visited Telford Wonderland. When we arrived in Telford we were greeted by the Mad Hatter character from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ We were very excited when he led the way to a variety of characters houses such as the Three Bears cottage and the Old Woman’s shoe. At the end of our visit the Mad Hatter told us a story about the Three Little Pigs. We all had a fantastic time.