This is Leroy. He teaches Year 5 and Year 6 on Tuesday afternoon.

The children have been given a fantastic opportunity to learn how to master the great game of ‘CHESS’.

This week we focused on how  ‘The Rook’ and ‘The Bishop’ pieces move around the board. We did this by playing the game ‘Rooks Vs Bishops’.


SAM_3199 SAM_3200 SAM_3201 SAM_3205SAM_3202 SAM_3203 SAM_3204 SAM_3198

The Rook can move up and down, right and left, as many squares as you want. The Bishop moves along the diagonals as many squares as you want. It always stays on the same colour.

SAM_3206 SAM_3207

This is our work book. It helps us to think logically about our game and analyse our moves.


‘I think chess is so much fun and when we practise we get better.’  -Precious

‘I think chess is a really great game. It’s hard but fun.’ – Mekiah

‘I like chess because it is really fun. We have to be quiet so we can concentrate.’ – Moses

‘I think chess is a very good educational game where it gets everybody thinking really hard! It is also really fun.’ – Mathiwos

‘I think is really good for our maths skills. We have to use a co-ordinates grid.’ -Mia

‘I think chess is really good game for your brain. I like to keep playing non stop!’- Olivier

‘ I think chess is a great chance for the class to learn a new game. We learn about all the pieces and learn great skills.’ -Zara





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