Eniola, Ethan, Sophie, Charlie, Anya, Hannah, Eva, Alessio, Dilys, Matthew, Marcel, Ashley, Shay, Alan, Elijah, Nina, Jia, Estera, Jayden, Alfie, Szymon, Beverley, Danny, Vicyoria, Sarah, Rodrigo, Jarod, Truong-Giang, Uyen-Thi and Jason  (Year 2)

Ivana, Demar, Alpha, Daizjhan, Terry, Danika, Ciara, Lewis, Benedetta, Gabriel, Daniel, Dejane, Natasha, Antonio, Tiana, Sofia, Sofia, Annalise,  Annice, Kavon, Casey, Arthur, Ashanti, Malachi, Dillion, Abbie, Eleni and Amy (Year 6)

The staff and I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers  for working in partnership with the school to prepare your child/children for their end of Key Stage tests in a way that supports all children to achieve their full potential in a nurturing yet purposeful learning environment.



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