Thursday 4th February proved to be a most eventful day; one in which the whole school – children, staff, parents and carers pulled together to overcome adversity! The day began with problems in the kitchen, no gas! A solution was found and school dinners were served: beans on toast with cheese; fruit and yogurt for pudding much to the delight of the children!

By the afternoon the school was functioning on 20% electrical capacity. Children stayed at school in spite of limited lights, lack of heating, no internet and phones lines being down. Did this dampen spirits – not at all! Learning continued.

Unfortunately by 2.45pm it became apparent that the electrical and boiler problems could not be rectified for the following day, hence parents and carers being informed verbally that school would have to close on Friday 5th February.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone: the staff for being so calm and proactive, the children for their good behaviour and positive attitude, the parents and carers for their understanding and support during a very difficult day. The unfailing good humour of all permeated throughout the day.

Great news – we re-open on Monday 8th February! 





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