Everyone in school from the children to the staff had to put on their thinking caps, work as a team and show resilience in order to solve some very tricky mathematics problems. The children thoroughly enjoyed their learning and learnt a very important lesson: listen to your team mates and   together you can achieve more, as long as you don’t give up!

Brendan (Y5) reflected on one very challenging task which  flummoxed his classmates however no one gave up and all kept trying until their time was up! Oratory team spirit at its best.

The Oratory team spirit and resilient attitude to learning has been commented on many times by visitors to the school but also about our children when they have gone to other learning establishments. Staff at King Edwards have on more than one occasion spoken to Miss Corns about the positive way in which Oratory children tackle problem solving activities; never giving up and wanting to learn from their mistakes. An attitude which will always allow for good learning to take place.


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