Ofsted Inspections

We were inspected in March 2014 where the school was once again judged to be an OFSTED Good School.

‘Good teaching enables all pupils, including those who need extra help, to make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils currently at the school are doing well. Teachers help pupils to look carefully at their own and others’ work to see what they have done well and where they could improve. This helps them to make good progress.’

– Ofsted, March 2014 

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Faith School Inspections

As a Catholic school we have an additional inspection under Canon Law and Section 48 of the Education Act 2005. We were inspected in June 2014 where the school was once again judged to be an outstanding Catholic School.

An outstanding aspect of the Catholic life of the School is the home, school and parish partnership. The school has an exceptionally strong link with the Oratory fathers and brothers and their commitment to the school has a great impact on the Catholic life, collective worship and RE… The dedication and daily commitment of staff at all levels shows the children how ‘to shine as to be a light to others’. These outstanding aspects have been used as subjects for the purpose of identifying best practice in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.’

– Section 48 Inspection, June 2014 

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Section 48 (Catholic Life and RE) Inspection, June 2014

(link to report  – http://frog.bishopwalsh.bham.sch.uk/user/74/168993.pdf )